Our Strategies


Identify Career Pathways

Identify and/or create vocational pathways, particularly for women of color, in key industries where there is identified local need and demonstrated growth potential in Middletown - Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics and Construction. 

Connect Employment Services

Link existing employment services in Middletown by establishing a hub of resources and information with multiple points of access in the community.

Raise Employer Awareness

Raise employer awareness about the needs and strengths of single parent employees, through outreach and engagement to the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce and local businesses.

Core Elements that Guide Our Work

Informed by research done by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

1. Collaborative Leadership - sharing responsibility for results among a core team of partners and community residents.

2. Collective Impact - working together across multiple sectors to solve complex problems.

3. Community Engagement - intentionally engaging and including community residents in decision-making and cultivating resident leadership.

4. Learning Orientation - reflecting on what is working and what is not, using data to inform our work, pivoting where necessary and sharing learning with partners and community residents.

5. Racial Equity - being aware of and addressing disparities in local organizations, talking about if and how systems are being transformed as a result of this knowledge and working towards creating a more equitable community.

6. Systems Change -  understanding a system’s many stakeholders, how they interact, and what influences them.  Systems thinking means understanding the web of interrelations that create complex problems and rethinking assumptions about how change happens.


What Assets does Middletown Have?


Take a moment to look at the Community Assets Map

Think about all the assets that Middletown has to offer.  Often times we only see what's wrong and what the needs are.  That's why it's so important to focus on our gifts, strengths, talents and assets!